McCabe Engineering Services P/L

Independent Air Bag Suspension

Our independent air bag suspension provides the optimum ride for your horse. This type of suspension adjusts for variable loads, regardless of how many horses are being towed or their individual weight.

Option 1
Air Bag Suspension. Manually setting ride height via external air valves using external air supply
Option 2
Air Bag Suspension with Compressor Kit. Set ride height via control panel connected to onboard compressor and air tank.
Option 3
Air Bag Suspension with Compressor & Self Levelling Kit. Set the ride height automatically via factory set valves. Manual reversion is possible via use of the control panel.


Andaway Airbag

Andaway is committed to increasing equine health and safety during transportation. We will be conducting further testing using our float fitted with airbag suspension. We anticipate this will provide more evidence of reduced mental and physical stress imposed on horses during road travel.

Control panel for airbag suspension
Control panel for airbag Suspension options 1 and 2